Samsung announces new Galaxy Note 8 featuring fast wireless charging

The Note range returns with Qi Wireless Charging included

Following the 2016 recall of the Note 7 due to a battery fault, the launch of the highly anticipated Note 8 is good news for fans of the phablet version of Samsung’s flagship range. At 6.3” the Note 8’s screen is the largest ever seen on a Note device and utilises the same Infinity Display design already seen in the Galaxy S8 and S8+ earlier this year. The devices comes with 3,300mAh battery capacity and Fast Wireless Charging technology compatible with the Qi standard, meaning the device can be charged from any Qi-certified charger at home, in the car or public venues. Should the battery drain quickly under heavy usage, the Fast Wireless Charging feature will allow to quickly recharge the Note 8 without using a traditional cable solution.

To maximise its use on the go, owners can download the Aircharge Locator App and access over 4,500 public Qi wireless charging locations including restaurants, cafes, hotels, airport and train stations.

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